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2 Day Open Source/Cell phone and Cyber Crime Investigation Course

Date: TBD

8:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Location: NESPIN, 124 Grove St. suit #105, Franklin, MA 02038

*Police Departments should email or call for an Invoice.

Course Objectives:

Day 1

Part 1. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

This portion of the class will provide the investigator with a basic understanding of OSINT collection and analysis.  The investigator will be tasked with gathering free, publicly available information and identifying actionable intelligence.  Topics include:- Exploiting social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat)- Person, phone number, and email address searches- Reverse and similar image searches - Web browser plug-ins.

Part 2. Cell Phone Investigations

This portion of the class will provide the investigator with a basic understanding of mobile device capabilities and call detail record and geolocation analysis.  The investigator will work, real-time, with mapping software.  Topics include:- Legal demands- Interpreting call detail records and basic subscriber information- Mapping cell site information-  Android and iOS updates and capabilities

Day 2

Cybercrime Investigations:

This course will provide investigators with an overview of conducting investigations that involve digital evidence.  Participants will learn about the value digital evidence can have in their investigations and how to collect important evidence from a variety of sources.  The investigator will learn:

* IP addresses

* Sourcing IP addresses

* Geo-locating IP addresses

* Identifying sources of digital evidence

* Social media investigations

* Digital evidence search warrants

* Court processes to preserve and seize digital evidence from
Electronic Service Providers.

* Seizing digital evidence devices

* Encryption

* Executing digital evidence search warrants

Laptops required

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Two Day - Homicide Investigation Course

Date: October 26-27

Location: NESPIN: 124 Grove St., Franklin, MA 02038

8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

*Police Departments should call or email for an Invoice.

Course Objectives: 

* Responding to scene: Police Officers respond to crime scenes many times throughout their
careers. None are more important than those involving a homicide or death investigation.

*This section will provide classroom participants an understanding of the scene from notification, initial actions, documentation, scene perimeter and security.

*Supervisors at Scenes: Responding Patrol Supervisors are the first supervisors on scene and are responsible for establishing a perimeter and supervising the initial actions taken.

* Homicide Detectives: Preliminary evaluation, crime scene processing, initial investigation,
witness interviews and management. Search warrants, witness management from Grand Jury to Trial.

* Homicide Investigation: Participants will gain an understanding though case studies as to the
multifaceted approach from witness and suspect interviews, forensic reviews, autopsies, cell
phones and private and public video systems.

* Surviving Families & Witness of Homicide Resources:
Government resources, clinical counseling and community trauma support.

* Course will also
focus on working with community support organizations and groups.

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Undercover Operations and Drug Investigations in Todays Policing

Date: TBD

8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Location: 124 Grove St. suite #105, Franklin, MA 02038

* Police Departments should call or email for Invoice.

Course Objectives:

This course will provide investigators with an overview of conducting investigations that involve undercover assignments for drug investigations. Participants will learn about the value of conducting undercover operations in various capacities, i.e., purchasing drugs, stolen property and advanced surveillance techniques. Officers will learn how to identify, investigate and prepare for court. The Officers will also learn:

* Undercover Basics

* A-Z Undercover Operations (phone calls to jail calls)

* Undercover Legend (Who are you)

* Squad team building - building the case on the front end

* Current Drug Identification and Pricing

* Surveillance Techniques (In Uniform)

* Surveillance Techniques (In Plainclothes)

* Case Studies with videos

* Tools of the trade, hidden cameras etc

* Processing drug evidence (Pre/Post Buy)

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