Consulting Services

Law Enforcement Training

Our team trains law enforcement Officers in cutting-edge procedures, policies and case studies within the classroom environment in Basic Criminal Investigations, Homicide Investigations, Cybercrime investigations and Open Source and Cell Phone Investigations.  We have also added Undercover Operations and Drug Investigations in todays policing.

Background Investigations

We specialize in performing criminal background checks on job applicants who live in USA. We know you want timely, accurate, reliable information so that you can hire the best candidates

Security Evaluation and Risk Assessment

Our validation process evaluates the effectiveness of current security procedures and policies.  Greeley & Associates will conduct a comprehensive review of the facility, its surroundings, operating policies procedures, security technology, emergency preparedness and response plans to identify vulnerabilities and threats. 

     * Threat Identification

     * Risk Assessment and Analysis

     * Physical Security Survey 

     * Computer security, Cybersecurity and Information technology security 

Police Department Inspection and Audit Services