About Greeley & Associates

Greeley & Associates was established to satisfy the growing need for specialized, premium security and training services. Built around the core values of honor, integrity, and loyalty, we bring world-class experience and cutting-edge expertise to manage the risks and threats posed by a constantly changing world. Greeley & Associates is a premier security, consulting and training organization.

Darrin Greeley is the CEO of Greeley & Associates.  Along with a team of seasoned associates from law enforcement agencies throughout Massachusetts, he has over 35 years of law enforcement experience in a variety of command positions. He retired in May 2022 as a Captain in the Boston Police Department. Prior to being promoted to Captain he was the Commander of the Homicide Unit. The Homicide Unit is the lead investigative group for homicides, suspicious deaths, fatal collisions, and cases in which the victim may die as the result of a criminal act.