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Police Department Inspection and Audit Services

Onsite Consultation

The service we provide will be tailored to address specific concerns of your agency and can include: Snapshot of deficiencies with an action plan to address common errors.

Recommendations to maximize outcomes of a formal evidence audit such as:

  • Organization of the property room
  • Proper storage methods
  • Updates to policy and procedure
  • Adherence to chain of custody and documentation.

Preview of how an audit is conducted.

Pre-audit assessment: Ideal for the agency that has not adhered to a formalized audit process, which includes a report outlining a custom action plan that gives the agency a step-by-step plan to prepare for an audit and purging of property

Evidence Audits

Why are evidence audits necessary? To insulate a newly appointed chief from pre-existing deficiencies in the property evidence room.

  • To protect both outgoing and incoming personnel from potential allegations of theft, fraud or mismanagement of evidence.
  • To satisfy the public's expectation of transparency in the property evidence function.
  • States throughout New England are implementing laws that require police agencies to conduct yearly audits.
  • When should an evidence audit be performed? Within 90 days of a change in leadership at the top of a law enforcement organization.
  • Immediately after any change in personnel responsible for the property evidence function.
  • Annually Policy Development Analysis of current policies and procedures. Evaluate property evidence and personnel's adherence to the agency's policies and procedures. Recommendations to elevate policies and practices to current professional standards. Evidence Room Organization as part of the audit process, we assess several areas that address evidence room organization to include:
  • Layout of an agency's property evidence room in order to maximize space.
  • Security and handling of high risk items; e.g. money, guns, drugs, jewelry.
    Potential hazards to personnel security of the premises. Integrity
    of evidence handling processes.

All evidence rooms must have key elements to function properly. Regardless of
an agency's size or space constraints, the resources available to an agency
may be utilized in an efficient manner.

customer reviews

Great course in presenting how a homicide investigation unfolds from crime scene response to prosecuting in court. I highly recommend for all police officers.

Lieutenant Detective Mark Gillespie MBTA Transit Police

Great case studies on how homicide investigations are worked as a group/team approach. The training is very beneficial to all detective units.

Sgt. Det. Matthew McDonnell Brookline Police Department

The training was informative and interesting. Very interesting to see all that goes into a homicide investigation, great course.

Detective Mike Benner Walpole Police Department

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Greeley & Associates was established to satisfy the growing need for specialized, premium security and training services. Built around the core values of honor, integrity, and loyalty, we bring world class experience and cutting-edge expertise to manage the risks and threats posed by a constantly changing world. Greeley & Associates is a premier security, consulting and training organization.

Darrin Greeley is the CEO of Greeley & Associates. Along with a team of seasoned associates from law enforcement agencies throughout Massachusetts, he has over 35 years of law enforcement experience in a variety of command positions.

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