Darrin Greeley has over 34 years of law enforcement experience within the Boston Police Department.  He is the Commander of the Boston Police Homicide Unit which is responsible for all death investigations within the City of Boston.  As Homicide Unit Commander he is also in charge of the Firearms Discharge Investigation Team.  The team investigates all police officer discharges of their firearm, less-lethal shotgun, and taser within the City of Boston. Throughout his career, he has held numerous command positions within the Boston Police Department. His previous assignment was Commander of the Crime Scene Response Unit.  As the Crime Scene Response Unit Commander, he was in charge of both crime scenes at the Boston Marathon Bombing. Prior to commanding the Crime Scene Response Unit, he was the Assistant Chief of Field Services as well as Commander of District Detectives throughout the City.

Darrin Greeley has a Bachelors of Science Degree from the University of Massachusetts at Boston and a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Boston University.  He is also a graduate of PERF  - Senior Management Institute for Police as well as a graduate of the Naval Post Graduate School for Homeland Defense and Security in Monterey, California.

Darrin Greeley is a recipient of the Schroeder Brothers Memorial Award, The Department Medal of Honor, Thomas F. Sullivan Award and the Boston Bank Award for gunshot injuries sustained in the line of duty while facing an armed felon. He has also received citations from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives.