Two Day Homicide Investigation Course

Two Day Homicide Investigation Course

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Date: October 26-27, 2023

Time 8:30 Am to 3:30 PM

Location: NESPIN, 124 Grove St., Suite # 105, Franklin, MA 02038

Course Objectives:

* Responding to scene: Police Officers respond to crime scenes many times throughout their careers. None are more important than those involving a homicide or death investigation. This section will provide classroom participants an understanding of the scene from notification, initial actions, documentation, scene perimeter and security. Supervisors at Scenes:

* Responding Patrol Supervisors are the first supervisors on scene and are responsible for establishing a perimeter and supervising the initial actions taken.

* Homicide Detectives: Preliminary evaluation, crime scene processing, initial investigation, witness interviews and management. Search warrants, witness management from Grand Jury to Trial. Homicide Investigation:

* Participants will gain an understanding though case studies as to the multifaceted approach from witness and suspect interviews, forensic reviews, autopsies, cell phones and private and public video systems.

* Surviving Families & Witness of Homicide Resources: Government resources, clinical counseling and community trauma support. Course will also focus on working with community support organizations and groups.

This course is taught by Active and Retired Homicide and Crime Scene detectives.  Other experts in law and police procedures are also instructors.